The 2020 Day of Challenges Program will be conducted at
Michigan Technical University
 Houghton, MI 

 tentative date is February 29, 2020  
The competitive events are conducted at the university Student Development Complex, followed by a luncheon and awards ceremony in the R.O.T.C. gymnasium.

Day of Challenges is a one-day Michigan youth activity program sponsored by the Dept. of Mich. V.F.W. with local support from VFW District 15 and VFW posts throughout Michigan. The Michigan Tech. Army and Air Force ROTC units host the event jointly. The University Army ROTC 3rd year cadets plan, organize, and conduct the challenge events as a graded leadership development exercise. They receive support in this exercise from Air Force and Army ROTC student volunteers who serve as team leaders, scorekeepers and facilitators. Professional Army and Air Force staff supervise the planning and execution of the Day of Challenges along with the VFW Program Director.

The program is designed to challenge teams in physical fitness, coordination and leadership as a group. The Junior Division (grades 5,6,7,and 8) and Senior Division (grades 9, 10, 11, 12) teams are limited to 6 members. Disability is accepted in team memberships. A maximum  of 30 teams may compete in the program due to facility constraints. Events included are fitness test, obstacle course. swimming, and other events that are added as cadets may design. Leadership reaction is tested on each team using limited equipment to solve simulated hazardous scenarios.

The program is marketed by mailings to school principals with return mail and on-line registration from those schools desiring to participate. Teams represent their schools, with some arriving by school bus.

Team event awards will be presented in each Division. The top scoring team in each Division will be presented with an engraved traveling trophy that can be displayed in their school until the following year. In addition, all team participants will receive a Day of Challenges Certificate of completion, a custom t-shirt and a VFW State Commanders Pin. The Iron trophy is awarded to the top scoring boy and girl in each division.

The Department of Michigan pays for all awards and the hot meal provided for the 200 plus youth participants, 50 cadets and several parents and chaperones.

VFW Posts sponsoring a Day of Challenges team can receive report credit for Youth Activities and Community Service.

One(1) point will be awarded in the All-state Program for donations of $25.00 or more to the Day of Challenges program and up to a maximum of four (4) points. Donations must go through Department.

Robert Paavola, Director                                                        
44915 11th St.                     
Atlantic Mine MI. 49905                                           

Jack Lillar 
458  Londo  
Wakefield MI. 49968

Bud Huuki
13033 Bayshore Dr.
Baraga Mi. 49908