Membership Recruiting & Retention


Post Leadership: Membership is our lifeblood. Our voice with our legislative bodies would not be successful without our 1.6 Million Members. The continuation of our organization demands we continue to grow our Membership each year. 

Read the 2022-2023 VFW National Membership Program



  • Membership Application - Download a PDF version of the VFW membership application
  • Member-at-Large Application - Get the member-at-large application at your fingertips
  • Membership Order Form - We make it easy to order the membership and recruiting supplies you need. Visit the online order form here.



Membership Brochure - Show prospective members a glimpse into what we're all about
Membership Brochure (Espanol) - Show prospective members a glimpse into what we're all about
VFW Fact Sheet (Espanol) - A highlight of the ways the VFW supports service members, veterans, their families and our local communities
At a Glance - This is mailed to every new and reinstated member along with their VFW membership card
Membership Campaigning at the Post Level Brochure - Carry out a successful campaign
Recruiting Just Got Easier Brochure - See what's available to aid your recruiting efforts 
Legacy Life Membership Brochure - See the benefits of Legacy Life membership
Women Veteran Brochure - Help women veterans know they're welcome here
Women Veteran Brochure (Espanol) - Help women veterans know they’re welcome here as part of the VFW
Member Benefit Brochure - Find out how your membership helps you
Life Upgrade Flyer - Let your members know the benefits of becoming a Life Member

Eligibility Requirements - Detailed information sheet addressing eligibility requirements, elections of applications and eligibility regulations
Eligibility Sheet - A PDF which neatly outlines our eligibility requirements and accepted campaign medals
World Map of Eligibility - Recruiting poster that highlights eligible campaign service areas, medals, ribbons and badges
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