2022-23 Hospital Program

Our District Surgeon will be making regular runs to the VA Hospital in Lake City. See below for items requested by the VAVS Representative at VA Lake City:

If you have any question about the items listed, please contact the

Voluntary Service office at (386) 755-3016 ext. 392135 or email


Items we cannot accept: Used Clothing, Used Puzzles, any items that contain Alcohol, Reproduced Audio tapes or any VHS tapes.


  • Monetary Donations:

     We are requesting donations for the following accounts:

·      Nursing Home Account – Funds our Community Living Center Veterans

·      Recreation Therapy Account – Funds activities for inpatient Veterans

·      Hospice Account – Funds the Veterans Hospice program

·      Social Work Services Account – Funds to assist Veterans in need



  • Personal Care Items:

·      Body wash and Shampoo

·      Shaving Cream

·      Deodorant, Stick and Spray

·      Reading Glasses 1.25 to 3.0

·      Alcohol Free Mouthwash

·      Denture supplies

·      Disposable razors

·      Headphones



  • Hospice

·      100 Printed copies of the book: Nature Gave Us Butterflies: A Family's Guide to End-of-Life Transitions, Hospice Edition

Available at: (1) B1001 Nature Gave Us Butterflies: A Family's Guide to End-of-Life Tran - Wings of Change Publications

  • Women’s Clinic:

·      Sanitary wipes

·      Non-skid Women’s socks

·      Ditty (toiletry) bags with travel sized items (no hotel samples, please)


  • Recreational and Household Supplies:

·      Radio for CLC Residents: Magnaflow Craig 3-Piece CD Shelf System

·      Golden Age of Radio reminiscent tape set (40s and 50s) Can be comedy or radio programs on CDs, albums or cassettes

·      Plastic models for inpatient Veterans to assemble


  • Clothing (Must be new clothing):

We are requesting the following items for inpatient Veteran use:

·      Sweatpants (M to 2XL)

·      T-shirts (size L to 3XL)


  • PRRTP/SARRTP Requests:
         ·      Bicycle
           ·      Cooler